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DotGuard Dealership Parts Marking

Customized anti-counterfeiting, parts identification, and theft deterence solutions.

The Issue at a Glance

According to FBI 2008 statistics, a staggering $17.2bn in personal property was stolen in the US in 2008 alone. For motor vehicles over 1.1m cars were stolen (a car every 26 seconds) while the non-recovery rate on stolen powersports gear and motorcycles continues to rise at concerning rates.

These numbers also do not include corporate theft whch can range from internal to external theft, employee theft, shop-lifting, pilfering, or on-premises use or consumption.

Further, counterfeiting, parallel importing, serial-number theft and so forthe also continue to rise at alarming levels with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development estimating that some 5% of world trade (over US$200bn per year) could have been counterfiet or illegally copied in 2005 alone.

With these types of staggering theft and counterfeit rates, the need for companies and individuals to offer enhanced asset identification and parts marking is paramount.

US Parts Marking Standards

In response to these issues, notably counterfeiting and parts stripping, the US Government has implemented MIL-Std-130N which requires all Department of Defence military and government vehicles over $5000 to be uniquely marked using a unique parts identifier which can be tracked through its life cycle using a Government database by 2010. However, the requirements are more than just a label, these identifiers must contain a 2 dimensional data matrix and contain a unique item identifier which is globally unique and unambigious. Identification numbers (cage codes) and unique part identifiers are key ingredients in the formation of these unique codes. Further all DOD parts data must be able to be registered and stored in Government databases maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).

While no government regulation currently exists for corporate assets, the need for manufacturers, companies, car dealers, and other industry groups to take steps to reduce counterfeiting and parts theft while also creating national asset registers to track assets through thier life cycles is also of high importance and significant value. Accordingly through the use of DotGuard UID labels, companies are able to implement parts marking solutions which offer a complete end-to-end item identity management system.

DotGuard UID Solutions

Utilizing advanced item identity management systems, Dotguard offers a customized parts-based identifier and identification management software system designed to provide complete asset identification and parts-marking solutions for a range of industries. This parts management system also has broader applications as commercial businesses can benefit from marking and tracking items throughout their lifecycle.

The DotGuard system allows for the creation of unique identifing labels customized for the industry, product, or manufacturer. The kind of label and mark is determined by the size and use of the part, the type of data required to be present on the label, and the level of durability required for the label. However, in all cases 2-D data matrix and human readable data is provided on each label for ease of use and scanability into web based applications. DotGuard presently offers various label substrates for use on different surfaces types and industry applications.

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DotGuard parts marking systems have been designed so that customers can either simply order customized item identifiers (labels) as they need them or alternatively they can license our full system for development of their own inhouse asset identification management system.

DotGuard label data may be either stored in our web-based National Vehicle Register or can be internally stored within a corporate environment. When the label on a part is read, information stored for that part is easily accessible and thus valuable to prove ownership, authenticity, and identity. The database provides total visibility of parts in an inventory and maximizes the capability of support logistics. Maintainers know how long parts have been in place and can readily identify where inventory or part management systems are working as expected or failing more often.

Please contact DotGuard for more information on customized UID solutions and parts marking.

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