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The DotGuard Advantage

dealereyeDotguard offers an advanced parts-based identification and theft-deterrent products for the motorcycle, ATV, scooter, snowmobile, PWC and marine industries. DotGuard progams are fast and simple to apply, low cost, and are all backed by a police accessible National Vehicle Registration database.

DotGuard also offers one of the only theft protection systems where labels can be linked using a smartphone directly to either a dealer website or to a police accessible national vehicle database. DealerEYE is now available from DotGuard in various label formats.

Available for sales, F&I, or service departments, or for use with existing theft warranties, DotGuard theft protection labels may be fully customized for any agency or dealership, and will allow a dealer to uniquely identify any vehicle, part of any vehicle, or any genuine part or accessory fitted or sold by that dealership.

Each any every label manufactured and supplied by DotGuard is absolutely unique. This ensures that DotGuard not only complies with new US Government parts marking standards, but ensures that the program may be fully customized for each dealer and their customers. Compare DotGuard to other technologies here.

dotguard theft protection

Compare DotGuard labels to other theft programs here.

Motorcycle DealerShip F&I Theft Protection Program

dotguard dealership parts markingThe DotGuard dealership F&I program is simple and easy to use.

1) Join the DotGuard program by contacting an authorized DotGuard agent or via the DotGuard Dealer Management system (an agent will be assigned to you).

2) Labels are pre-ordered and arrive at your dealership pre-coded and ready to install.

3) Marketing materials and a welcome pack are provided to each new dealership.

4) Labels can be fitted within seconds by "get-ready" personnel using simple peel and stick application. No chemicals, no adhesive - no mess, no fuss. Warning window decals are also provided.

5) Marked vehicles are then nationally registered using the DotGuard Dealer Management system or via fax.

6) DotGuard theft protection program is then sold to a customer typically in conjuction with existing limited theft warranty programs which ensures that if a vehicle fitted with our labels is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, then an attractive theft benefit is paid to your customer.


Become a Powersports Agent or Reseller

The DotGuard UID labelling system is typically sold to dealers through our network of agents, distributors, and resellers. If you are interested in discussing opportunities to work with DotGuard then please review our Resellers page and then contact us at for more details.


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