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Microdot Label Protection System

Microdot covert marketing - Ballistic tested!


dotguard microdotsDotGuard offers one of the most advanced microdot covert marking systems available in the US today. Available as a microdot only solution or as part of a more comperehensive marking solution (shown right), DotGuard is taking microdot solutions to a whole new level.

Our basic microdot offering includes the provision of over 1,000 1mm covert microdot tags provided with unique and nationally registered information for any vehicle or asset.

Our microdots are manufactured so they don't fade with time, they don't have a shelf life, and they have been tested to survive ballistic events. The addition of advanced UV also means they are simple to locate and identify in the field.

Microdot technology has been used by around the world in recent years. However, its key limitation has been its difficulty to read in the field plus its high cost. DotGuard has solved both these problems and now offers an advanced microdot solution for any business at highly competitive prices.

The DotGuard microdot labeling protection system incorporates

  • smart phone labelsOver 1,000 Microdots each bearing unique vehicle information mixed in an ultraviolet light respondent polyurethaneadhesive solution for easy application (dots glow blue under a UV light)
  • Window decals
  • National registration of the vehicle for the life of the vehicle
  • Marketing materials for all dealers
  • May be included with DotGuard label or window etch programs


vehicle VIN etchingDotGuard microdot marking system is available for use on cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers, boats and corporate assets. The microdot system takes only minutes to apply and virtually impossible to remove and easy to detect with a UV light.


Please contact DotGuard for more details and pricing on microdot, UV label and VIN etching programs.


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