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Press Release 3rd June, 2010

Car Dealers, Retailers, Law Enforcement Smarten Up With Web-linked Vehicle and Asset Protection Labeling Via DotGuard International's DealerEYE Smart Phone-readable System

Passive labels become smart phone web-linked identifiers: DealerEYE fully customized smart phone readable asset or vehicle protection labels deliver automatic redirect to any Web site embedded in the label. This interactive label technology offers considerable new benefits for retailers, car dealers, police, and consumers.


Issaquah, WA, 3 June 2010: DotGuard International is pleased to announce the launch of DealerEYE – a new smart phone readable vehicle theft protection label and marketing system for dealers. Utilizing approved smart phone apps, DealerEYE provides a new layer of theft and asset identification protection for customers, simplicity for police with the ability to immediately identify ownership of vehicle parts in the field, and new marketing opportunities for dealers.


DealerEYE allows a dealer, consumer, or police to use their smart phone to readily identify a DotGuard vehicle protection label, record the contents of the label onto the smart phone, and then be automatically redirected to a website address embedded within the label. DealerEYE is fast and simple for dealers to apply to any vehicle, and highly effective in the field.

DealerEYE is available from DotGuard as a new premium product within their growing range of quality vehicle theft protection programs. DotGuard programs are typically sold by dealers through F&I offices or used by service or repair departments. DealerEYE labels may be fully customized to suit the dealer, are tamper evident, heat resistant to 300F, and may be used with existing warranty programs.

DealerEYE also offers new customized dealership marketing benefits with immedate customer to dealer website linking from any document. DealerEYE labels embedded with the dealer’s website address can be added to brochures, customer letters, onto vehicles, or other specific purpose programs thus enabling the customer to link directly to the dealer website using their smart phone. DealerEYE works great with monthly customer promotions or preferred customer incentive programs as the smart phone readability is a permanent feature in the label.

For additional information on this press release or DealerEYE please go to or contact Stuart Cutler at         

About DotGuard International – Formed in 2008, DotGuard specializes in the manufacture and supply of advanced theft protection and ID authentication technologies for dealers. From DotGuard theft protection labels, DealerEYE label to website linking, GPS tracking, and new Red Flag ID verification products, DotGuard offers specialized products for dealer F&I, repair/service, and marketing departments.


Please contact DotGuard for more details and pricing on DealerEye programs.

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